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Why do they deny?
Why do they deny?
How can they not realize?
Why don't they open their eyes?
How can someone be blind if a guide they are behind?
There own eyes may not yet be opened but no excuse will do.
Just because my eyes are closed doesn't mean I can't see my nose.
Closed eyes don't mean blindness.
Closed eyes means many prides,
Thinking you can walk without the Sight given to you for leading your way.
Don't deny. 
Go ahead open your eyes.
The Light is bright but will not harm.
He greets all with open arms.
When your eyes are closed
He is in His people and they keep you from blindness.
His Spirit are your eyes.
He leads so you may see in the day and night, both darkness and light.

Your eyes can only be opened by the power of Spirit of the One who died.
He had to die because at some time we have all denied.
Are His guides the only ones that can make them realize?
We don't do it but can help.
We have been in your shoes and felt the guilt.
Lay it on He that already died for thee.
He died for all.
He is for all.
There are not excuses.
More chances than your abuses.

Why do they deny?
Why do they deny?
Why did I deny?
Why have we denied?
We were born in this world.
The world headed for Hell.
There is death in the air that they breath.
There is death in the voices they receive.
There was death in the air I breathed.
There was death in the voices I received.
But He was always there.
Looking down on me.
Not just me but all people that He see.
Not just looking down but all the way around.

Many chances He gives.
Endless chances that is.
He will always forgive.
Don't listen to the lies.
He does live!
If your heart is good.
If you are good at heart.
If your will is right,
To do good not only during day but also at night.

You've heard flesh controls spirit and mind.
His endless power please don't deny.
He can change you complete.

We WERE born in this world,
But were were born again.
Not of flesh and blood,
But of the Spirit within.

If your will was right,
For the day and the night.
If your heart was good,
And not made of hard stone or wood,
Then what couldn't happen is now a could.
What was your impossible is now made real by Him.

Your will was right,
looking for the Light instead of the darkness of night.
Your heart was good,
You looked honestly.
Now you have found the LIGHT!
He that was, is, and will always be,
Is now forever living within ye.

Now you are part of we.
We the Church.
We that see.
We that are with Him for eternity.

Since your heart was good,
And your will was right,
Then whether or not this be night,
You now have the sight.
You need no more the guide that you can always see.
Now what you have inside is the Guide that will always lead.

You did your best of good not only during day but also at night.
You heard people's flesh controls spirit and mind.
Now He has given you a new spirit and it is full of the love of Light.
Now you, like we, have the spirit that controls mind and flesh.
He has freed you of the slavery of the evil mesh.
We WERE all caught up in the flesh.

His endless power you now don't deny.
He has changed you complete.
Because you didn't try to defeat,
You didn't run off on your own two feet.

You WERE born in this world,
But were were born again.
Not of flesh and blood,
But of the SPIRIT within. 
July 26, 1998
I wanted to write this for my mom's birthday but this is what came out so I guess there is reason for it.
I had another day before her
birthday so I was able to write one for that day.
Don't hold back when the Spirit is leading you to do something no matter what it is.
I give this to a part of God's Church:  First Christian Church(Disciples of Christ)Monroe, Louisiana, USA
-all of my poems are for glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It will take me a very long to to explain all of this so I will simply suggest for all those that want to understand this one to read the Holy Word of God and you will if you don't already.  
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