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A. Devil and demons are different:

  1. There is only one Devil, Gr: diabolos, "an accuser, slanderer"
  2. There are many demons, Gr: daimonion "a knowing one"
  3. The Devil and his angels: Mt 25:41

C. Terms used to describe demons:

  1. Demons=spirits: Lk 10:17+20; evil spirit: Ax 19:13
  2. Possessed by spirit of unclean demon Lk 4:33 = a man with unclean spirit Mk 1:23
  3. Cast out demons by ruler of demons (Satan): Mk 3:22
  4. Demons = Satan = unclean spirit Mk 3:22-23,30; Lk 11:24
  5. Unclean spirit = unclean spirits=demon-possessed Mk 5:2+13+15
  6. Unclean spirit = demon: Mk 7:25+30; Lk 9:42; Mt 12:43-45
  7. Not every spirit is from God: 1 Jn 4:1-4

E. Demons will be cast into hell: Jn 16:11; Mt 25:41; 2 Pe 2:4; Jude 6; Rev 12:7-9

F. Demons are intelligent powerful spirit-beings capable of reason

D. Existence of demons appeared to be generally accepted by the Jews: Lk 4:36

G. The Gentiles viewed demons as both good and bad, to be feared and worshipped:

  1. In Athens for example, they considered themselves "demon-worshipful" of idols.
  2. Ax 17:16-23; v18 ("deity" = lit "demons"); v22 ("religious" = lit "demon-worshipful")

I. Different Views Of The Origin Of Demons:

A. Since the Bible is silent on exactly where demons came from, the best guess as to the origin of demons is that they are most likely angels who sinned: Rev 12:7-9; 2 Pet 2:4; Jude 6.

B. Other views do exist:

  1. Justin Martyr, a Christian who lived about 150AD, believed demons were the offspring of (angels + men = demons) based upon Gen 6:2-4
  2. The Greeks viewed demons as the spirits of wicked dead men: Heb 9:27

C. False view: Demons are a personification of evil and/or physical illnesses

  1. This false view sees the origin of all demons as merely physical diseases. Today we could cast out demons by giving someone an aspirin or a flu vaccination. It is a superstitious outlook to medical problems. This false view teaches that Jesus spoke of demons only to accommodate the popular ignorance and superstitions of the time.
  2. Sometimes demons were clearly the CAUSE of physical illnesses: Lk 13:11; Mk 9:17,25; Lk 11:14
  3. Only an intelligent powerful spirit being could do any of the following, illnesses could not:
  4. Illnesses and possession clearly differentiated:

II. False doctrine has its origin in demons

A. Demons are behind Idol worship:

  1. "the Gentiles sacrifice things to demons and not to God" 1 Cor 10:20
  2. "Deceiving spirits in mouths of prophets" 2 Chron 18:21-22
  3. Athenians were demon-worshipful as they worshipped idols: Ax 17:16-23
  4. "they shall no longer sacrifice to the goat-demons" Lev 17:7
  5. "They sacrificed to demons who were not God" Deut 32:17
  6. "They even sacrificed their sons and daughters to the demons" Ps 106:37
  7. "they did not repent so as to not worship demons and idols" Rev 9:20
  8. "three unclean spirits like frogs, for they are spirits of demons" Rev 16:13-14
  9. "Babylon, a dwelling place of demons, prison of every unclean spirit & hateful bird" Rev 18:2

B. Denominationalism and divisions of the church:

  1. "Hippocratic liars with seared consciences will fall away from faith paying attention to deceitful spirits & doctrines of demons" 1 Ti 4:1-2
  2. "Even though we or an angel preaches a different gospel let him be accursed" Gal 1:8