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Original Poems
- crappy poems by Andrew Gallagher B.

Here are just a few poems from school in 9th grade.
There were many that I liked more than this but I lost:-(
Good for you. LOL

Enjoy the new life given to you.
Appreciate what He went through for you.
Saved us from a firey Hell.
Took the keys to give another chance.
Everlasting life is now advanced, eternal life at a sudden glance.
Rose, He rose high for the glory of all His people.
I changed this one up a little bet.  The last line when I say "He rose high for the glory of all His people," I mean that when God gets glory His people get glory also and when His people receive glory so does He.  Whenever God gets glory His Church or His people get stronger in strength and Faith.  When God's people gets glory so does He because His Church gets a boost which helps give Him even more glory and helps to spread His Word. 
Through the Darkness
Underneath a Black Cloud
Behind hidden fears
Except a fake smile
Into a hopeless pit
Of the Hell
Around me
Toward a Light
Beyond my reach?
Over temptations
Since many years
Past old stop signs
Onto my Faith
Outside a trapping closet
Concerning my doubts
Upon me
Within HIS LOVE:-)
There is a kind of a lot of strange time going on in this poem.  In one sense it is over a long period of time in
my life on in another sense it is a very small amount of time that I go threw once in a while.  I named this
"HOPELESS JOURNEY?" because many times in my life I have gotten down and depressed then I would start
to wonder if my life is hopeless.  The thing that is always there to reassure me and remind me to again make
it known to me that I and my life is not hopeless is Jesus Christ (the Word Made Flesh) John-1:14.  There was a
long time in my life, maybe about 5 years, that I was very depressed and many things both spiritual, mental, and
physical were happening to me.  The truth is that it was really based in one of those but it was made known in
all three.  The spiritual part of me affects the mental part that controls and makes clear the physical part of me.
Fruits of the spirit (human spirit) can be both good and bad.  It's finally overall point in life is always bad if it is
without the Spirit of God.  Well, this is getting to long.  I will make another page for this. It isn't up yet but here is the link for when it is: "HOPELESS JOURNEY?" continued 
I'm eager!  Who are you?
Are you eager too?
Then there's a pair of us--don't tell!
Because I'm bored with the same ever day.
How hopeless to be unaware of something better!?!
How sad, like an old skull
Both tarnished and very dull
Not attached to its body but lost forever.  Which is something better?
Now I'm just trying to hurry up and get to bed.  If the Lord is willing I will one day finish! 
Water falls inside.
It soon builds up in a tide.
Life comes up and thrives.
There's a whole lot more to this little poem than meets the eye.  I'm off to bed for now!  Good night, morning, afternoon, evening!
God bless:-)

That's the end of my 9th grade poems.  All that I could find at least. :-Þ
Now for the ones of summer 1998.

-all of my poems are for glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It will take me a very long to to explain all of this so I will simply suggest for all those that want to understand this one to read the Holy Word of God and you will understand if you don't already understand from inside.

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