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Word's From The People
(people I know)
 Some of these are funny and some are serious.  Sorry I don't have them in order
but I will when I get more time.  THANKS:-)
  • Aaron  G. ("Golden")-  "There is not a lack of miracles in this world, only a lack of belief in those that are

  •                                                    so common..." - Aaron Gansky (me)
                                                       "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." -
                                                       Indigo Montoya, Princess Bride
  • Jeremy T. (Germ)-  "Yes, Mr. Naty Perverted Prine on a Frysday...I would like an order of fried for this

  •   bumbo..."
  • Matt M. (FreeB)-  "The bad things in life happen, its what u think and do after that counts."

  • Josh M.-  "Eagles may soar, free and proud, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."
  • William M. (Mr. Magic)-  "Life is like a cheap toy, so you must play with it as much possible before it
                                                           "Exercise is great, my grandmother started walking a mile everyday when she
                                                           turned 55 and  today we don't know were the hell she is."
                                                           "Solution to two of the world's problems:  Feed the homeless to the hungry."
                                                           "Don't keep a negative attitude, such as 'I will not succeed, I will not succeed.'
                                                            Instead, keep a positive attitude:  'I WILL fail.  I WILL fail.'"
                                                           "When the new adults go out into this strange world... be sure to watch out for
                                                            number 1... and remember not to step in number 2."
                                                           "Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy."

    Thank you everyone that took their time to hand out a quote so that this page could be put together.
    If you have seen this page and want to have a quote on here just mail me and I will do just that as long as it isn't something perverted.

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