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A new law has been drafted which will greatly affect the freedom of religion
for the Christian community of Kazakstan.  If this law is passed, the only
religions that will be permitted in Kazakstan will be Islam and Russian
Orthodoxy. Any other religions will be outlawed.

The bill forbids all evangelism, distribution of literature, humanitarian
aid by Christian organizations, and ministry work.  The proposed law
violates the country’s constitution and breaks human rights treaties signed
by Kazakstan over the last few years.

Kazakstan has faced potential legislation that would limit religious freedom
before, but this new bill has not been made public and the general
population of Kazakstan is unaware the impact this bill will have on
constitutional rights.  Attempts are being made to pass this legislation on
March 16th without a public reading.

The whole Christian community will pray and fast on Friday, March 9th in
support of the leaders who will present their objections to the president.
They will appeal to the president for a public reading of the law and
request the dismissal of this legislation from the docket of Parliamentary

It is expected that the law will be read before Parliament on March 16th and
the president will be presented with 5 variants of the law, one of which he
is supposed to sign.  All of the variants are filled with anti-Christian

Please pray for grace and favor as the Protestant leaders stand to make
their appeal to the president. Pray that they will be given ample
opportunity to adequately represent the benefits of a free Christian
community to the country of Kazakstan.

Please join the Christian community in prayer on Friday, March 9th. Please
pray that freedom of religion will continue to exist in Kazakstan.

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